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See how much you can centralize with FLiiP. Save up to 3 hours of management time per week.

Events & Workshops

Setup and attract more customers to your events & workshops! From the one time events with hundreds of attendees to the recurring workshop on a weekly basis, we have the solution to grow your revenues with ease.

Class Reminders

Your members can receive either an SMS or email class reminder to remind them when their class begins!

Check-in system

Control the access to your center and never miss a payment again!

Shared payment method

Customer's can share a payment method, credit card and/or direct debit, to pay for their memberships.

Mobile application

Mobile application availabe for your members and your coaches.

Family option

The family option allows the parent to manage and pay for the memberships of one or more children.


Manage the payroll of your employees and self-employed workers directly through the platform. Export the report of hours with the gross salary to be paid per employee according to several types of wages.

Appointment scheduling

Manage and schedule your services (Kinesiology, Massage therapy, etc.) so that your members can book their appointments online.

Point of sale

Sell ​​your products and / or services through the integrated point of sale. You can select an existing customer to checkout, create a new customer, or just make a one-time sale.

Promotional Codes

Create promotional codes for both your memberships and products from the shop!

Google Synchronization

Your members & instructors can synchronize their FLiiP calendars/registrations in their google calendar!

Video platform

Sell your videos through FLiiP individually or in your memberships!

Website Integration

Integrate your FLiiP calendar directly on your website! Your customers will be able to purchase, connect and register to one of your classes.

Electronic White Board

Project your workout and take the attendance of your members on your tv.


Our software integrate's with Paysafe, one of the biggest international online payment companies.


A quick glance at the most crucial aspects of your business, to help you expand your business to the next level!


Easily integrate Mailchimp. Your lists are automatically updated without any intervention on your part.

Direct debit

Your customer doesn't have a credit card ? No problem we offer the possibility of making direct debit payments.

Secure payment

All transactions made on your platform comply with PCI compliance security standards.

Automatic payment

Membership payments are made automatically and according to the payment cycles you schedule.

Sell membership online

Increase your revenue by selling your membership online.

Online Shop

Sell ​​all your products online and manage your inventory, to be up to date when it's time to place an order.


Your customers have the opportunity to write suggestions & comments to you anonymously or not, directly from your platform.

Workout of the day

Show the work out of the day to your members in different caterogies.


Create and modify at any time different types of subscriptions (monthly, course card and automatic renewal).


Create your rooms, your classes and your schedules to easily manage the access of your classes. The schedule is accessible at all times for members and non-members.

Group messages

Send a message from your platform to your customers. (Cancellation of a class, sending to a specific group of clients)

User’s history

Be aware of recent changes to the client profile.

Visit’s details

See your customer's visit history, attendance and their planned visits.

Belt system

Follow the evolution of your customers with our belt management system, specially developed for martial arts centers.

Notes to the account

Don't forget anything, add personalized notes to your client's profile.

Free trials follow-up

The free trial tracking card allows you to be up to date with your potential customers.

Member management

Have easy access to all the information of your members. (Personal info, membership & payments)

Customize your platform

Customize your platform with your colors and your logo and truly represent your business.

Online payment

All payments can be made online and they are done automatically according to your payment cycles.

Online registration

Register online for your class.

Member follow-up

Be on the lookout for subscriptions to renew and maintain your customer base.

Attendance tracking

Instructors can take attendances for their classes.

Online subscription

New users can buy and access their subscription online.


Our platform integrates with one of the giants of the industry: Bambora


Mailchimp: an automatic integration!