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Founder & CEO

David Bourbonniere

Built by owners, for owners

It was in 2012 that David opened his first training center in the Montreal region, which he has been able to develop and achieve remarkable and constant growth over the years. David quickly encountered a major irritant: the management softwares available on the market did not meet the needs of owners. In search of the perfect solution, it was in 2015 that he designed and launched FLiiP. Over the years, David has surrounded himself with key people to help propel FLiiP nationwide to become not only the preferred solution for owners, but also a growth partner for their business.

Being an owner himself, David’s greatest strength is that he understands the reality of his customers. He places great importance and constant dedication to the needs of the changing market, which is why FLiiP is always evolving!


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A dream team!

Why work at FLiiP?

Product Specialist


A growing firm comes with its own set of challenges and that’s what attracted me to FLiiP. I like having the chance to participate concretely in achieving goals and have a real impact on the bottom line of the company. My experience as a coach allows me to fully understand the needs of clients and to support them in their success! Every day, I have the chance to work with colleagues that are determined and have the same thirst for success as me, both in my passions and professionally!

Customer success manager


For me, working at FLiiP is an opportunity to progress professionally, to have more autonomy, more responsibilities, but above all to make a daily difference in the lives of owners. Working in a firm that is constantly evolving is very motivating. The projects and challenges are varied and exciting. Being passionate about sports, training and having myself run a gym in the past, the success of clients is really close to my heart and it is a pleasure to support them on a daily basis! As a bonus, I have the chance to live close to the office and to take advantage of teleworking, which allows me to perform as much professionally as to be present for my little family. 🙂

Customer support specialist


Working at FLiiP means pushing my limits every day. We attach great importance to the evolving needs of the market and of our customers. That fits well with my values! I like working as a team with our clients to make a real difference in their daily lives. I myself have worked as a trainer in a gym for several years so I know the challenges it brings. At FLiiP, I have access to a training center to keep me fit, but above all, the telework flexibility allows me to be more efficient and have more time to exercise my passions!


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