+$27k/month in
18 months
+$30 average revenue per
client per month in 18 months
Reduced churn rate
from 10% to 2%


Le Vestiaire is a gym with four locations in Montreal, Canada. They specialize in cross-training for all levels and emphasize the social aspects of training. They offer group classes, in person and online private training, nutrition consultation, and physiotherapy.

The Problem

Le Vestiaire partnered with FLiiP at their first location, after transitioning from another provider. Owners Karim and Manu were ambitious, but they felt that no matter how hard they worked, they weren’t able to achieve the growth they had envisioned when they opened.

Every day was a struggle to survive, not thrive. To make matters worse, they felt like they had no visibility on the important metrics that were critical to being able to run their business.

The Solution

FLiiP’s out-of-the-box sales and marketing tools, automations, actionable insights, and outstanding support made an immediate impact.

Since joining FLiiP, Le Vestiaire’s growth has been in overdrive. They’ve implemented tools to re-engage inactive clients, automate manual tasks, run better free trials, and make better sense of important business data. With steadily increasing memberships and revenue they’ve been able to open three new locations in three years.

Co-owner Karim feels like he now has the support he needs to become a better business owner.

FLiiP allowed me to develop my skills as an entrepreneur, and to know what I need to be doing, whether it's on a weekly or monthly basis.
Co-owner of Le Vestiaire

The Impact

Co-owner Karim credits FLiiP with helping to pull some key levers that got the business on track.

+$27k/month in 18 months (+47%)

Marketing automations and free trials helped Le Vestiaire create the revenue they envisioned when they opened their first location.

+$30 average revenue per client per month in 18 months

Le Vestiaire used FLiiP’s comprehensive suite of tools to offer new services, like online classes and personal training, and to launch an improved online shop.

Reduced churn rate from 10% to 2%

By implementing a follow-up process with inactive clients, Le Vestiaire was able to significantly reduce the number of clients walking out the door every month. 

Now, “when people come here to train, they stay,” says Karim

Karim especially appreciates how easy it is to reconnect with inactive clients.

One of the things I really like about FLiiP is knowing who's been to the training center, and who hasn't been for a while. It allows me to follow up with them to find out what's going on so that I can respond to their needs.
Co-owner of Le Vestiaire

Our customers save an average of 30% after making a switch from another provider


When they first opened, Karim was afraid of the numbers. Now he can’t get enough.

When I started my first gym, the one thing I was afraid of was understanding the numbers. Since I've been using FLiiP, I have a much clearer view of the data that's most important to the growth of my business. That's why I look at the numbers every week. What's the growth in sales, subscriptions? How many people do I have? How many subscriptions? Is it more or less than before? I've got a lot of data that's easy to access, which gives me a very precise view of what's going on in my business.
Co-owner of Le Vestiaire

The sky’s the limit for Le Vestiaire. With FLiiP in their corner, they can concentrate on building the next phase of their business instead of being overwhelmed just running in place. They’re confident that they have a partner that will continue to support their growth, and give them the insights that they need to make each day better than the last.

Go get em’, Karim and Manu!