38% increase in memberships within 6 months of switching
Hours every week saved on management
More professional


Prairie Crossfit is the longest running Crossfit affiliate in Winnipeg with over 13 years of experience with family friendly and community-based classes for all levels. They aim to give members a break from life’s hustle and an opportunity to get in the best shape of their lives.

The Problem

Before partnering with FLiiP, Prairie Crossfit was using Zen Planner. Owner Derek Wickham remembers that he started thinking about a change.

It seemed like Zen Planner couldn’t really keep up with new technology. The way the app looked, it always looked old. I always posted the workout on the website, as opposed to through Zen Planner, because it just didn't look new and fresh. It didn’t seem like they were trying to keep up with new technology.
Derek Wickham
Owner of Prairie Crossfit

Realizing that continuing to manage his business with outdated tech would hold him back from hitting his goals, he began his search for a new provider.

The Approach

Derek used to worry that he was running his business blind. He would spend hours every week onboarding new customers and making his way through hand-written follow-up reminders. “I’d have notes in my book: ‘okay, email this person this day.’”

With FLiiP he’s been able to let his software work for him, by automating manual tasks and surfacing important business data. Now, he can spend his energy focusing on the next stage of growth for Prairie Crossfit.

Members can do basically everything on their own on the app. Automatically everything is being done. So things are definitely smoother now. I can look back at what was going on this month, and what the numbers are like. Why are they dropping? Or why are we going up? That's going to help with the growth of the business.
Derek Wickham
Owner of Prairie Crossfit

The Results

With FLiiP, Prairie Crossfit has added a software partner that can help take them into their next stage of growth.

+38% memberships in 6 months

By automating communications and implementing a simpler user experience for members, Prairie Crossfit has increased memberships by 38% in the first half of 2023.

Less time on management, more time for growth

Improved scheduling, automations, and payment processing are just a couple areas where Derek and Prairie Crossfit have been able to free up time in their calendars to focus on growing the business.

Improved brand image

FLiiP’s user experience has meant fewer customer complaints, less time spent fixing bugs, and a more professional brand image for Prairie Crossfit.

Our customers save an average of 30% after making a switch from another provider


Making the switch to FLiiP has been a game changer for Prairie Crossfit. With FLiiP as a partner working behind the scenes, Derek has been able to spend less time managing, and more time on growth. He now has full visibility on important numbers and is more confident that his business is ready for its next stage of growth.

Ease of use is what we were looking for. And it's definitely been easy.
Derek Wickham
Owner of Prairie Crossfit

Nice one, Prairie Crossfit!