+37% active members
in 12 months
Using data to double average
revenue per client
Doubled revenue
per month


GYMXTRA is a gym owned by Sam Hainault that specializes in cross-training. They offer group classes guided by certified trainers where members can focus on developing strength, speed, and agility, without worrying about injury.

The Problem

GYMXTRA partnered with FLiiP in 2018 to reduce time spent on management. Before landing on FLiiP they had been managing everything in a binder. Owner Sam talks about how hard is was to stay on top of simple numbers, like how many members they had.

Before FLiiP, we used a good old-fashioned binder with sheets. It was terrible. We didn't know how to calculate the number of members we had. It was complicated.
Sam Hainault
Owner at GYMXTRA

The Solution

FLiiP gave GYMXTRA the tools to reduce the complexity of handling everything on paper and gain clarity on their important business metrics, like members and revenue. FLiiP’s solution provided much more than the simple functionalities that other tools Sam evaluated offered and enabled him to offload most of his business management tasks to the platform. Specifically moving from paper to online contracts has been a game changer.

Transitioning from handwritten contracts to online contracts has helped us handle a 37% increase in members in 12 months. It’s really changed the gym completely.
Sam Hainault
Owner at GYMXTRA

By doing this, Sam was able to reduce the stress of owning and operating a busy gym and concentrate more on the happiness of his clients.

FLiiP takes care of my business so that I can focus on the people in my gym.
Sam Hainault
Owner at GYMXTRA

The Impact

Since partnering with FLiiP, GYMXTRA’s numbers have been up across the board.

+37% active members in 12 months

Improving their free trials and promotions has helped GYMXTRA bring on new members.
“We offer an unlimited month at a lower cost to new members. It used to be a real mess, but now with FLiiP it's really easy for me to follow up and see how our customers are converting.”  - Sam

Using data to double average revenue per client

“Thanks to FLiiP, we now have lots of great statistics that enable us to see how loyal our customers are. We've been able to gradually increase prices, and see if it impacts loyalty. This has enabled us to increase our prices considerably without losing customers.” - Sam

Doubled revenue per month

GYMXTRA is using their current members to generate new ones, through a referral program on FLiiP, which has helped them double monthly revenue.
“For the customers, getting paid by bringing your friends to train with you? Seriously, that's the best.” - Sam

Our customers save an average of 30% after making a switch from another provider


With FLiiP in his corner, Sam and GYMXTRA have transformed their business. With an ability to see an up-to-the-minute look at important metrics, like revenue, memberships, and churn, Sam can be confident that his business is on the right track. His revenue and memberships are growing steadily and he’s excited about the future.


Sam knows the FLiiP team has his back.

As soon as I have a question or a problem with the application, they’ll call to make sure the problem is solved quickly. And they take the time to explain things to me properly. They're all sweethearts.
Sam Hainault
Owner at GYMXTRA