Over 20k in profit in 60 days
with a referral program
Cut churn rate
in half
Improved Visibility and
Data-Driven Insights


Blackburn Athletics is a gym with four locations in Montreal. Known for their high-intensity 45-minute workouts and inclusive atmosphere, Blackburn Athletics aims to deliver exceptional member experiences and help individuals achieve their fitness goals quickly.

The Problem

Prior to partnering with FLiiP, all aspects of the gym were managed by Blackburn’s intrepid owner, Jerry.

As the gym grew in popularity, doing everything manually was becoming overwhelming. Jerry needed a system that would enable him to be more efficient in managing every aspect of his gym and continue to deliver the outstanding customer experience that Blackburn Athletics was known for.

Before FLiiP, everyone was texting me to reserve. People would show up with their paper cards and I would manage all the payments and everything.
Owner of Blackburn Athletics

The Solution

Jerry knew that getting his gym to the next milestone meant spending less time “working on reports, collecting payments, or counting customers by hand,” and more time out on the floor talking to members.

He found a perfect partner in FLiiP. “I chose FLiiP because I wanted to automate my business. I wanted to concentrate on the customer experience and let FLiiP take care of everything behind the scenes.”

With FLiiP’s intuitive platform making it simple to manage schedules, payments, check-ins, automations, reporting, and everything in between – Jerry has hours back in his calendar to keep members happy and motivated, and concentrate on growing his business.

FLiiP has really allowed me to grow my business, spend my money better and really make sure that I'm on top of things in terms of customer experience.
Owner of Blackburn Athletics

The Results

With FLiiP as a partner, Blackburn Athletics has been able to level up their business in several key areas.

Over 20k in profit in 60 days with a referral program

FLiiP's referral program generated over $20,000 in profit within just 60 days. The referral program alone allowed Blackburn to “pay for FLiiP for at least three years, just in those 60 days,” says owner Jerry Blackburn

Cut churn rate in half

Blackburn has slashed their churn rate with FLiiP, which means less money walking out the door every month. “We were at 4% [churn rate], and with FLiiP we’ve cut that in half, which means the money that we spend on lead generation goes a lot farther.” 

Improved Visibility and Data-Driven Insights

"FLiiP's comprehensive dashboards and analytics provided Jerry with clear visibility into key metrics such as revenue, growth, conversion rates, and churn. This valuable data empowers him to make informed decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and allocate resources effectively."

The stats are really clear. Conversion rates let me know if we’re doing our job well, and helps us make the most of the money we spend to acquire new clients. FLiiP allows me to see if the money we spend is well spent.
Owner of Blackburn Athletics

Our customers save an average of 30% after making a switch from another provider


Partnering with FLiiP has revolutionized Blackburn Athletics’ operations. With FLiiP as a partner working behind the scenes, Jerry has been able to spend less time managing, and more time with customers. This has resulted in increased revenue, reduced churn, better decision-making, and happier customers.
The bonus for Jerry is the “ease of communication,” with the FLiiP team.

They respond super fast. They communicate super well. They don't just give me the solution, they show me how to do it so that I can educate my employees and my team.
Owner of Blackburn Athletics

Way-to-go, Blackburn!