Marketing & Sales

Connect with clients where they are, grow your online reputation, and turn happy members into promoters with tools designed to grow your business

Marketing & Sales
We made over $20,000 in profit in the 60 days from the referral program, which has covered FLiiP's fees for at least three years.
Jerry Blackburn Owner, Blackburn Athletics

All your communication 
in one place

Centralize all of your socials, emails, and SMS in a single inbox so that you never miss a message.

Never keep members waiting

Use an automated text back for missed calls so that members know you’re on the case.

Spread the word

Turn happy members into promoters with a referral program. Build your online reputation by automating Google reviews for your most satisfied and loyal clients.

Launch a referral program

Turn your members into champions by building a referral program with individual member referral codes, referral incentives, intro offers, and ROI tracking. Easily track the profit of your referral program with an out-of-the box dashboard.

Increase 5-star Google reviews

Increase your Google reviews by +50% in 6 months so that more leads find you first. FLiiP’s automations allow you to collect reviews after every class and prompt only the most satisfied customers (2 consecutive 5-star reviews) to add their review to Google.

Drag & Drop Emails & Landing Pages

Build beautiful landing pages and funnels to capture leads. Use proven templates to get set up in minutes and start converting new clients.

Automate the client journey

Automate the client journey

Deliver the right messages at the right time by automating every step of the client journey from interest to action. Set up follow-ups for inactivity to keep clients engaged and reduce churn.

Mass SMS & Emails

Send announcements, and reminders via SMS or push notifications that have a 97% open rate.

Two-way Communication on any device

Personalized communication based on the client journey

Automate your lead journey & follow-ups

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