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All the tools you need to grow and K.O. your goals.

Manage Smarter

Create a tight knit community of happy and loyal members

Gain insights into member activity, preferences, churn, and trends with insightful dashboards, so that you can connect with members at the right time. Set up workflows to keep members active and engaged when they’re around so that you can focus on building an outstanding training experience when they are.

One of the things I really like about FLiiP is knowing who's been to the training center, and who hasn't been for a while. It allows me to communicate with them to find out what's going on and to respond to their needs.
karim Owner, Vestiaire

Create an experience your members love

Stay connected to the energy in the gym, with automated member check-in’s and feedback collection after every class. Monitor at-risk members with activity flags, and get in touch to re-engage before it’s too late. Offer something for everyone, with group classes, and private training.

“One of the features that has helped me improve my customer experience is the reviews. If they give us less than five stars it allows me to follow-up and ensure that my customer experience stays up to Blackburn Athletics standard.” -Jerry, Owner, Blackburn Athletics

Turn your box into a fitness brand

Build the brand you’ve always envisioned with tools to level up your online presence, and build stronger connections with members. Stay with your members wherever they go, with a branded mobile app. Use a drag and drop website builder to create a website that converts, and increase your local search presence with Google reviews.

Get more people in the door

Turn your most satisfied customers into promoters by increasing google reviews and launching referral programs. Send SMS (text) or push notifications for announcements or special offers so that there’s always a good reason to come to a class. Automate everything so that your outreach runs itself.

Keep every class full

Never again stress over half-empty classes. Build the perfect schedule with staff availability calendars, and attendance tracking. Make it easy to book and pay on any device, and open waiting lists to make the most of your space, even when there’s a cancellation. Allow members to check themselves in to reduce staffing needs during slower hours.

Reduce chaos

Stress less with management tools designed to help you manage smarter. Bring your contracts and paperwork online so that you never lose track of important documents. Save hours every month with self check-in, month-end reports formatted for accounting, payroll management, and workflow automations to free up time for what you want to be doing.

Simple, reliable payment collection

Make it easy for clients to book and pay on any device, in person or online. Keep track of transactions in real time with simple dashboards. Automate recurring payments and renewals to miss out on less revenue.

Branded app

Make it easy for clients to access schedules, book, and make payments from anywhere. Launch a beautiful branded mobile app that keeps members informed and connected wherever they go.

Mobile-optimized booking

Make it easier than ever to book classes with a booking experience that’s optimized for mobile.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to keep members active and engaged.

Sell with an online shop

Sell supplements, gear, and merch to become the one-stop-shop for your members’ fitness needs. Track inventory in real-time so that you know what to sell.

Show up first on local searches

Build your local reputation by automating Google reviews for your most satisfied and loyal clients. More reviews and a higher average rating means a better ranking on local search results and more leads coming to the studio.

Increase reviews and rating

FLiiP’s review system prompts members to leave internal reviews after every class. After two successive 5-star reviews, members are prompted to add their review to Google, helping you increase your reviews and average rating.

Intercept constructive feedback

See constructive feedback before it’s public by collecting internal reviews after every class. Address it before it turns into a lost member or a negative Google review.

Belt system

Give your staff the tools to provide an exceptional customer experience with a belt tracking system.

Software you can count on

One reason that our partners love FLiiP is that they aren’t spending their time and energy dealing with software issues.

FLiiP’s 99.95% uptime guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about your software resulting in lost revenue, missing data, or frustrated clients and staff.

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