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Lead Generation Tools

Capture leads, nurture, and close them with our all-in-one lead generation solution. Easily convert more members with automations!
Made by owners, for owners.

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Build Your Pipeline

Build Your Pipeline

All the tools you need in one platform to grow your revenue

  • Keep track of your leads’ journey throughout the different stages of the sales funnel
  • Manage your pipeline
  • Nurture and close your leads
Marketing Dashboards

Marketing Dashboards

Track your marketing initiatives

  • Connect your ads accounts
  • Get a clear view of your marketing performance and ROI
  • Optimize your campaigns based on data
Landing Pages Builder

Landing Pages Builder

Create high-performing and captivating landing pages all in one place

  • Landing pages to capture leads
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Ready to use templates
Free Trials and Introductory Offers

Free Trials and Introductory Offers

Acquire new members

  • Automations to follow up on your potential members’ journey
  • Tailor your free trials and intro offers according to your specific needs
  • Easily setup offers on your website and mobile app
Nurture Leads Into Customers

Nurture Leads Into Customers

Create and manage workflows after you capture the leads

  • Easily customize your follow-up campaigns
  • Create multi-channel campaigns
  • Automate your campaigns


Start from our Pre-built workflows and create powerful workflows to engage with your customers with personalized communication

  • Two-way Communication on any device
  • Personalized communication based on the client journey
  • Automate your lead’s journey & follow-ups


  • Connect your Google Adwords & Facebook Ads accounts
  • Connect your socials media
  • Connect Sugarwod, MailChimp, Zappier, Google Calendars, Google My Business, Passport Technologies, and many more…
Lead Capture on Your Website

Lead Capture on Your Website

Increase revenue by converting more leads from your website

  • Chat widget
  • Form builder
  • Calendar integration
  • Integrate your class & appointments schedule

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Owner @ Studio JÜA FLiiP's custumer

Julie Hubert

I immediately felt that we understood my needs, my reality. These are people who work very well and hard to perfect their service to stick as much as possible to the current challenges of entrepreneurs, owners of sports centers and studios. If you are in a research process right now, I highly recommend that you contact FLiiP for a demo. Your decision will only be easier!

Owner @ Gym Le Vestiaire FLiiP's custumer

Karim El Hlimi

The FLiiP team are always there to help me, both in the management of my platform and in the efficiency of my company. The tools I used saved me a lot of time to avoid falling into hours of mismanagement.

Their service is distinguished from others by the fact that we feel they work in collaboration with us, which elevates the quality of my business.

Owner @ MissFit Brossard FLiiP's custumer

Isabelle Beauchamp

Making the change from our previous platform to FLiiP was obvious to us. Accessible and efficient customer service is essential to maximize our time. The economy of the monthly cost is also considerable for a small company like ours.

We are very happy with the change !

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