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Customer Experience Tools

Give your members the best experience, stay connected with them thanks to our customer satisfaction tools and get notify when needed!
Made by owners, for owners.

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Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

Monitor member satisfaction in real-time so you can have a peace of mind while you are away

  • Members rate their experience after a visit
  • Get notified when a member leaves a review that needs your attention
  • Constantly improve your service and know where to focus your energy
Customer Experience Dashboard

Customer Experience Dashboard

Get access to your Customer Experience dashboard

  • Get a clear view of member satisfaction
  • Motivate your Staff to create an exceptional experience consistently
  • Create a WOW experience and Stay on top of your competition
Get Notified

Get Notified

Stay connected with your members

  • Adopt a customer-centric approach
  • Get notification for customer inactivity, when a member leaves a bad review, etc
  • Act before it’s too late
Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Your e-reputation and members’ satisfaction are what matters the most

  • Connect your Google account with your FLiiP
  • Get a clear view of your Google reviews
  • When a member leaves a 5-stars review in FLiiP, they will be redirected to Google Reviews to spread the word
Automated & Personalized Communications

Automated & Personalized Communications

Discover a large range of personalized communications

  • Convert more prospects
  • Re-activate an inactive member
  • Build member loyalty and enhance your relationship with your clients
Easy Check-In with 24/7 Access

Easy Check-In with 24/7 Access

Create a better experience for your members and unlock the full potential of your Business

  • Enhance your Check-in Process: No more lines at the entrance
  • Save thousands of dollars by switching to Electronic Barcodes
  • Unlock the full potential of your business with a 24/7 access

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Owner @ Studio JÜA FLiiP's custumer

Julie Hubert

I immediately felt that we understood my needs, my reality. These are people who work very well and hard to perfect their service to stick as much as possible to the current challenges of entrepreneurs, owners of sports centers and studios. If you are in a research process right now, I highly recommend that you contact FLiiP for a demo. Your decision will only be easier!

Owner @ Gym Le Vestiaire FLiiP's custumer

Karim El Hlimi

The FLiiP team are always there to help me, both in the management of my platform and in the efficiency of my company. The tools I used saved me a lot of time to avoid falling into hours of mismanagement.

Their service is distinguished from others by the fact that we feel they work in collaboration with us, which elevates the quality of my business.

Owner @ MissFit Brossard FLiiP's custumer

Isabelle Beauchamp

Making the change from our previous platform to FLiiP was obvious to us. Accessible and efficient customer service is essential to maximize our time. The economy of the monthly cost is also considerable for a small company like ours.

We are very happy with the change !

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