6 Ways to Keep your Members Motivated

20 November 2023

We are all presently facing a difficult time concerning the COVID-19 as gym owners, but we need to stand strong, persevere, find the opportunities, grow as a community and as an entrepreneur. If we don’t grab those opportunities and find ways to adapt to the current situation, we won’t be able to survive the crisis. 

That is why we have decided to help our and other gym owners by giving ways to adapt and keep the flow of revenue going even when times are tough. We know that it can be hard when there are a lot of mountains to climb before seeing the light, so that is why we want to help our fitness community in any way possible. We have created a framework that you can download for free that can help obtain a little more revenue during this challenging time. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do to keep your business alive: 

Create a Facebook group 

You should if you don’t already have a Facebook group! This is the essential thing you should have implemented to keep your members motivated. You need to add all your members in this group. This will make them interact with each other and yourself and keep everyone motivated while everyone is home doing social distancing. Anyways social networks are on fire since a lot of people are off school and work and are at home! So don’t worry there will be a lot of communicating, and people will appreciate it!

Keep your members motivated

If you haven’t done so yet, well what are you waiting for! Motivate them by any means you can be creative. Your members are at the core of your business without them you don’t exist. They should be your top priority, because if they aren’t to you then why should they?

Give at-home workouts

Since your members can’t go to the gym because of state or provincial law, that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t work out anymore. Create and adapt your workouts and provide it to them. Even though your members are at home, they can still keep their exercise routine going. 

A lot of your members don’t know what exercises they can do at home or anywhere. You are the experts, that’s why they initially signed up to your fitness center, so they don’t have to think about what they should be doing as exercise. 

Give weekly goals

To keep your members engaged you will need to set goals because trust me a lot of them will do it for three maybe seven days. Afterwards, they will no longer continue because they will no longer be motivated and they will ask, for you, to stop passing their payments. That either passes weekly, biweekly or monthly. We certainly don’t want that to happen! To keep them motivated set them individual, daily or weekly goals whichever you prefer, but at least set a goal to keep them going.

Ask them how they’re doing

Once in a while have a conversation with each of your members individually. We are all presently social distancing and we don’t know for how long, so create a bond with your members to show them that you care and their well-being. They will think twice before deciding to stop their payments. It won’t be the first thing they will decide to cut to save money. If they know and see that you are doing everything in your power to keep them motivated, trust me they won’t want to let you go!

Your members are the core of your business. You need to do anything and everything in your power to keep them motivated. Without them, you will end up closing your doors. That’s not what anybody wants! Without your members, you won’t achieve greatness. Hold on to that!

If you’re performing all of this already well that’s amazing!

We want to communicate with you a little extra so you can have a little more revenue and remain them motivated. We have produced a framework that you can download for free and implement it in your fitness center. We call this framework the “Equipment rental agreement.” 

Do you maintain equipment that isn’t being used right now that is currently sleeping at your fitness center? 

Well, what are you waiting for? Lease that equipment and get that little extra revenue or offer them the equipment as long as they keep making their payments! To assist you and make your lives easier, we’ve created a rental agreement. You can edit everything that is highlighted in yellow and replace the logo with your own.

All you have to do is fill out the form with the information on what type of equipment will be rented and forward the document by email, Facebook, etc. Once received by your member they will initial and sign the document. You can ask them to leave the form outside the day of the drop-off and ask them to stay inside during the drop off to continue social distancing.

IMPORTANT you must have the agreement form validated by your legal advisor. We are not in any way legal counsels, so we cannot validate the accuracy of this agreement form from a legal point of view. We cannot be held responsible for the validity of this information is used.