Re-engage Inactive Clients Using FLiiP

Veronica Oquendo
18 December 2023

In the competitive fitness industry, retaining clients is as crucial as acquiring new ones. Inactive clients are a significant concern for gym owners, as they are at high risk of churning. Effective re-engagement strategies powered by advanced gym software, like FLiiP, are essential in addressing this issue. This article discusses how FLiiP can help gyms in Canada bring back clients who have stopped using their service.

Understanding Client Inactivity

The first step in re-engagement is understanding why clients become inactive. Possible reasons for this include lack of motivation, personal situations, or not enjoying the gym. FLiiP’s analytics module helps Canadian gym owners analyze client attendance and feedback, giving insights into reasons for inactivity.

Personalized Communication

Personalization is key in re-engagement strategies. FLiiP helps gym owners organize their client database by activity, preferences, and past responses to gym activities and promotions. You can send personalized emails or messages to inactive clients, showing them that you miss and value their presence. This message can include motivation, workout tips, or updates about new classes and amenities that might interest them.

Incentivizing Return

Offering incentives can be a powerful motivator. FLiiP enables gyms to create customized promotional offers targeted at inactive members. This could include discounted membership renewals, free personal training sessions, or access to exclusive classes. The key is to offer something valuable and tailored to their known preferences.

Integration with Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for re-engagement. FLiiP integrates with major social media platforms, allowing gyms to connect with their members on platforms they frequently use. Sharing success stories, workout tips, and gym events on social media can remind inactive clients of what they’re missing.

Hosting Special Events

Organizing special events or challenges can reignite the interest of inactive members. FLiiP can assist in managing these events, from registration and scheduling to communication. Fitness events, member days, and wellness talks can create a sense of community, keeping gym members involved and dedicated.

Regular Feedback and Improvement

Consistently collecting and acting on feedback is vital. FLiiP’s survey and feedback tools allow gym owners to gather insights from both active and inactive members. Listening to and acting on their feedback can improve the experience for everyone, including inactive members.

Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies

Continuous monitoring of re-engagement efforts is essential. FLiiP’s tools assist gym owners in monitoring their strategies. This includes tracking the number of inactive clients who return and observing their interactions with the gym. These insights can help in fine-tuning future strategies.


Re-engaging inactive clients is a multi-faceted challenge that requires a personalized and data-driven approach.

FLiiP is a gym software in Canada that helps bring back inactive clients by offering various tools and features.

FLiiP helps gym owners engage inactive clients and ensure long-term success for their fitness business.