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See what the FLiiP platform offers and all the related services

Mailchimp: an automatic integration!

Mailchimp integrates too easily for you. Your lists are automatically updated without any intervention on your part.

Flash payments

Save your customers' banking information in their profile in a secure way to facilitate quick transactions without intervention from them

Direct debit

Your customers do not have a credit card ? No problem we offer the possibility of making direct debit payment.

Secure payment

All transactions made on your platform comply with PCI compliance security standards.

Automatic payment

Membership payments are made automatically and according to the payment cycles you schedule.

Sell membership online

Increase your revenue by selling your membership online.


Manage your inventory and be up to date when it's time to place an order.

Online store

Sell ​​your products, supplements or other related products in your center or online


Your customers have the opportunity to write suggestions & comments to you anonymously or not, directly from your platform

Work out programmation

Show the work out of the day to your members in different caterogies.


Create and modify at any time different types of subscriptions (monthly, course card and automatic renewal)


Create your class schedule, class categories and even different rooms for different disciplines in the same center.

Group messages

Send a message from your platform to your customers. (Cancellation of a course, sending to a specific group of clients)

User’s history

Be aware of recent changes to the client profile.

Visit’s details

See your customer's visit history & attendance and their planned visits

Belt system

For martial arts centers, you can add belts to your client’s profile.

Notes to the account

Don't forget anything, add personalized notes to your client's profile

Suspension of membership

Suspend a membership for a client during an injury or other valid reasons.

Future subscriptions

Plan in advance a new subscription or renewal.

Free trials follow-up

The free trial tracking card allows you to be up to date with your potential customers.

Member management

Have easy access to all the information of your members. (Personal info, membership & payments)

Schedule available online

The schedule is accessible at all times for members AND non-members

Customize your platform

Customize your page with your corporate colors and your logo, for a platform that looks like you

Online payment

All payments are made online and they are done automatically every month

Online registration

Register for lessons from your mobile online

Members follow-up

Track members to renew easily!

Attendance tracking

Durant le cours l’entraineur peut prendre les présences

Online subscription

New users can buy and get their subscription online

Bambora: our favorite processor!

Our platform integrates with one of the giants of the industry: Bambora

Mailchimp: an automatic integration!

Mailchimp: an automatic integration!