New feature: Events and workshops

8 October 2021

The FLiiP business software is constantly evolving. A brand new feature now allows our clients to easily organize events and workshops. Yoga retreat? Weightlifting competition? Nutrition workshop? Anything is possible 🙂

The “Events and Workshops” feature allows you to manage the organization, promotion and marketing of your events within the software in just a few clicks.

Wondering why you should organize events and workshops in your studio or training center?

Here are our top 3 reasons!


Generate new revenue

Whether it’s with your current members or potential new clients, organizing events can create excitement and visibility for your studio or training center. People rarely come to an event alone, so encourage your members to invite their friends, and be ready to reap new revenue in record time!


Build customer loyalty

Offer your members a selection of events and workshops that will allow them to get together and deepen their practice. By offering your members preferential rates, you will enhance your relationship with them!


Save time and money

Organizing an event takes time out of an already busy day. Fortunately, event coordination and promotion has never been so easy and fast thanks to FLiiP! For example, your members will be able to register and pay for their tickets and even the software, add their guests, all without any manual management on your part.


Contact us to learn more about this new feature!

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