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Exceed your business goals

Business software specially made for affiliated studios and training centers market.

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Save time every day

FLiiP gives you all the tools to free up several hours of your schedule while staying zen.

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Stay ahead of your competition

FLiiP gives you all the tools to plan your growth and K.O your competition.

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Manage your business efficiently

Reduce your management time to focus on what really matters.

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Make your studio or training center more profitable while building member loyalty.

Made for ambitious owners

FLiiP is the easiest and the most complete software on the market.  It has been made by owners, for owners.

Trust a true growth partner to save time every day and invest it in what really matters: growing your business. Automate your management operations and payments, keep an eye on your sales, manage your memberships… FLiiP allows you to act quickly and efficiently to exceed your business goals, and your competitors. 

Made for ambitious owners Made for ambitious owners

Smart transition

Smart transition

Save time, money and experience less stress !

Automating all your tasks such as payments, contract management, free trials and reports will save you up to 3 hours per week.

What would you do with 3 more hours a week?

A safe and efficient transition of your data

Our team supports the transition of your important data to our platform so that it is easy and transparent for you and your members

Do not miss a single payment!

What makes us different


Revolutionize your daily life and your income. Centralize all your processes in a software built for your reality. Access the most advanced features to achieve your goals.

Save management time

Our clients spend less time in their day-to-day management and paperwork releasing an average of 2 days of work per month to do what they like.

What will you do with this additional time?

Don’t miss a single payment!

New FLiiP customers see their revenue increase by 5% just by recovering lost payments.

Be sure to charge and cash 100% of your accounts receivable.

Improve member engagement

FLiiP is designed to support the needs of growing studios and training centers. See real-time information critical to increasing your revenue. Easily communicate with at-risk members before you lose them to your competitors.

On average, FLiiP customers double their income in 24 months.



FLiiP's custumer

Karim El Hlimi

I decided to encourage a local company with a background similar to mine as an SME. The FLiiP team are always there to help me, both in the management of my platform and in the efficiency of my company. The tools I used saved me a lot of time to avoid falling into hours of mismanagement.

Their service is distinguished from others by the fact that we feel they work in collaboration with us, which elevates the quality of my business.

FLiiP's custumer

Isabelle Beauchamp

Making the change from our previous platform to FLiiP was obvious to us. Accessible and efficient French customer service is essential to maximize our time. The economy of the monthly cost is also considerable for a small company like ours.

We are very happy with the change !


FLiiP's custumer

Samuel Hainault

We really appreciate what FLiiP does for our business. Their greatest strength is to listen to their customers and the speed of their response. The constant improvements and updates in line with our suggestions, I feel they are doing everything possible to help us!

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Technology partner

Do you implement a product that integrates with our software and improves the customer experience ?

Referral partner

Do you work with an agency with clients who could benefit from software like FLiiP?

Industry partner

Do you have a mission to help the Canadian fitness industry? We can join our knowledge !



Do you migrate members?

It is possible to migrate your members to our platform. We migrate data such as subscriptions, personal information, used class number, etc.

What is an active customer?

An active customer is defined by their registration history. A member is considered active if they have booked a course within the last 90 days.

Is support included in the monthly fee?

Support is included in our monthly fee. All our customers receive support, and we make sure to respond as soon as possible.

Can I customize my platform as I see fit?

You can customize your platform to represent the image of your business! It is possible to modify the images, the colors, the theme, etc.

How are the platform's monthly fees managed?

Monthly fees are charged based on the number of active members. We also have some paid extensions like the video platform and professional services. To get a free estimate of the monthly fee, contact a member of our team!


Are you a banner or a group of centers in the health & wellness industry and would you like to partner with a canadian company?

We offer solutions that benefit both franchisors and franchisees. A sustainable and win-win partnership, all the way!